At the 2019 MAX! Awards, the Bridge Project in Landfall took home Best Interior Design as well as Best Outdoor living. This home was a product of creative collaboration between Tongue & Groove and Phil Kean Design Group.

One glance at The Bridge House tells you that it is an architectural masterpiece. Allow the clean, guiding lines to draw you in and you’ll see the nuance: clever and calming water features, the generous and functional incorporation of glass, and the natural build materials that both blend into the landscape and rise from it as a tribute. It is a house that stands out, but undoubtedly belongs—a testament to the melding of luxury and usability that is a trademark of Tongue & Groove.

The residence boasts enticing design elements from the moment you spot the house from the street, to the moment you reach the front door and zen courtyard, and upon entering the home. Each detail and feature are like art, generating a Mid-Century masterpiece. Bridgett Mazer, Interior Designer for Tongue & Groove and owner of Bridgett Mazer Interiors, worked with the clients to bring the open spaces to life with beautiful textures and color.