Pembroke Jones – Landfall – Wilmington, NC

Sited on a beautiful island lot, this shingle style home fits perfectly. The island on which it sits was once an important section of the Pembroke Jones estate from the late 1800s. Ruins from the estate are located on the front lawn, including a unique oyster/concrete chimney. While designing this home, Tongue & Groove incorporated the exact same construction techniques used for the construction of the historic ruin in the foundation of the home – thereby tying the new structure in with the old. The classic architecture of this home also considered the climate of the area – which is warm and humid. We designed a turret on the roof and low awning windows at the foundation. The idea was to use natural convection to cool the home, just as it would have been done in the late 1800s. Venting the lower windows and the upper windows would allow warm air to rise and escape at the turret.

Photography: Jason Boger, Fociis Photography

Categories: Traditional, Coastal