Project Manager

Project Manager


1. Scheduling, coordinating, and managing the daily construction activities of assigned projects to include:

  • Ensuring projects are built to the requirements and specifications established by construction drawings, building codes and client expectations.
  • Monitoring production schedules, critical project paths, and trade contractor schedules to ensure projects remain on schedule.
  • Monitoring project quality and cost control to safeguard profit margin.
  • Maintaining a clean, safe project site always by implementing Tongue & Groove’s safety policies, enforcing safe work habits, and observing OSHA regulations.

2. Guiding and directing field employees, trade contractors and suppliers to include:

  • Assisting carpenters and trade contractors on tasks, when necessary.
  • Explaining and ensuring compliance of safety programs to all onsite personnel.
  • Explaining quality expectations, ensuring projects are built to quality standards and striving for no-defect construction.

3. Working collaboratively with the Site Manager, Estimator and Operations Manager to ensure that all necessary materials and trade contractors are scheduled as necessary and arrive on time including:

  • Receiving, inspecting, and verifying all deliverables.
  • Checking vendor and trade contractor invoices and approving for payment.

4. Communicating with clients on jobsites, answering their questions and ensuring that construction meets their expectations.

5. Consulting with the Company Owner, Architect, and Operations Manager on plan revisions.

6. Conducting pre-closing walk-throughs with clients and coordinating punch list work.

7. Be accountable for projects assigned.

8. Build sustainable customer relationships that yield custom design + build home sales for all divisions of the Company.

9. Build profitable margins which will add to healthy growth of the Company, by being on time and on budget.

10. Maintain regular and good communication with the Company, coworkers, staff, and clients.

11. Use technology, such as CoConstruct, to make project communication instantaneous, so that all participants designated will succeed with efficiency and productivity.

12. Become proficient in use of the Company’s software applicable to Employee’s responsibilities.

13. Influence customers to pay in full and on time.

14. Support and promote Company marketing strategy.

15. Provide reports and data when and as requested by the Manager.

16. Employee will be present in person or via another electronic communications method so that all participants can hear and communicate easily with each other at all meetings called by or on behalf of the Company, unless Employee’s absence therefrom is approved in advance in writing by the Manager.

17. Employee will answer all work/Company related emails, telephone calls, facsimiles, and/or other messages promptly and timely.

18. Employee will take whatever actions are necessary, including working the hours and at the times necessary, to meet all deadlines and timetables established or shed for any project assigned to Employee. Employee acknowledges and agrees that this may require Employee to work more than 40 hours per week and that any hours in excess of 40 hours per week will not be separately compensated by the Company and were included by the Company in determining the compensation being paid to Employee hereunder for Employee’s full-time service to the Company.

19. Employee acknowledges and agrees that Employee will be available during normal business hours even if Employee is performing Employee’s duties outside of normal business hours.

20. Employee acknowledges and agrees that the Manager of the Company will direct and control all of the projects on which Employee works, Employee’s duties applicable to each such project, deliverables for each such project, timetables and deadlines for each such project, the time periods during each 24-hour day that Employee should perform Employee’s duties, and all other aspects associated with each project to which Employee is assigned.

21. Employee will keep the Company Owner and Chief Operating Officer informed on a regular basis on the status of all projects assigned to Employee.

22. Employee will create and maintain the details of all activities and services performed by Employee and associated with Employee’s position so that any qualified person asked to provide services typically provided by Employee during Employee’s absence is able to know what services to provide and be able to provide such services.  Employee acknowledges that the Company is also interested in creating a system of cross coverage in the event Employee is not available for any reason so that another qualified employee would be able to provide the same type of services in Employee’s absence.  Employee will keep accurate records updated on a regular basis, but not less frequently than weekly.  Employee will review with the Manager of the Company at any time as requested by the Manager, but at least as part of Employee’s annual review. In the event of the termination of Employee’s employment with the Company, Employee acknowledges and agrees that the Company may hold his or her final paycheck until Employee certifies to the Company that the project detail is current thru the date of Employee’s last day of employment with the Company.

23. Employee will maintain a log of  hours spent on each project,  identifying the nature and status of each project on which he or she is spending any time for the Company, including, without limitation, projects for customers of the Company as well as projects for the Company, which list Employee will update at least weekly.

24. Employee understands and agrees that he or she is not to breach any obligation of confidentiality that Employee has to any former employers or other person or entity

25. Meeting (in person or by conference call) at least weekly with Company’s Manager to:

  • Review results of Employee’s activities since the last conference.
  • Discuss planning and other activities.
  • Evaluate actual financial results of the project compared to the budget, and address variances.
  • Review Employee’s progress towards achieving Employee’s goals.
  • Strategize any challenges for current projects.

26. Other tasks as may be requested by Manager.


  • High level of experience in construction and operations management.
  • Strong ability to multitask.
  • Strong ability to plan and prioritize.
  • Clear and concise communication skills.
  • Integrity – Do the Right Thing.
  • Impeccable standards for details and quality.
  • Accountability


  • Demonstrates superior work ethic.
  • Possesses a “can do” and positive approach to work, always moving forward to success.
  • Consistently challenges the status quo.
  • Turns problems and issues into opportunities for success.

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