Complete, Diverse, Unparalleled

We are committed to working with clients from project inception to completion, and well beyond. Our integrated offering of services provides a single-source solution for any project. Whether you are looking to buy, sell, build, or renovate, we can help you achieve your goals.

Understanding the property that you’ve chosen for your dream home is a crucial step in the process. We take the time to understand the site that will house your custom home. We keep in mind the point of interest that many custom builders don’t think about, such as where the best views are, where is the sun setting and rising, and which direction is the wind. To design a home around your life, we find out how you live it. We get to know you, asking what your day-to-day includes now, but also what you’d like it to add tomorrow. Once we understand what you need now and what you want for the future, we will then design a house that can become your dream home.

We see design challenges as opportunities to innovate.They inspire us. Breath-taking views from balconies on oceanfront sites, and incredible statement rooms, all come from the need to maximize each site creatively. As part of our process, we can also take care of a demolition, town planning approvals, pools, landscaping, guest homes, and coordinate everything on your behalf. We work with you to understand your design style and aesthetic preference. Whether you’re looking for a mid-century modern style, a beautifully detailed coastal design, or a cutting-edge modern home, we will develop a design outcome that reflects you and your family’s desires. Everything is considered from your current and future lifestyle, the constraints, and opportunities of your unique building site, your preferred design aesthetics, and of course, your budget.

To ensure the highest level of service to our clients, we build a limited number of homes each year. The custom home we will design and build for you will be unlike any other, and we’re dedicated to being with you from concept right through to handing you the keys. Before any earth is moved, every Tongue & Groove design is brought to life with a stunning virtual 3D model providing an accurate visual walkthrough of your home.

Exploring the virtual model gives a real sense of how the space will both look and feel and offers the opportunity to refine any part of the design before the detailed design and documentation begins. These high-quality visuals are often the spark for real excitement, as for many people, it’s the first time they see their dream home.It’s just another way we ensure that your custom home feels like it was indeed created for you.


Complete, Diverse, Unparalleled

Based on our long-standing experience and knowledge in the luxury home building industry, we know that the most crucial step is pre-planning, including pre-construction services like architectural design, interior design, engineering, zoning, and permits.

Our firm consists of experts in architecture, design, and construction, all under one roof. This one-step approach helps us manage all the details of the design+build process and to ensure that we exceed our client’s expectations. We will design your interior features, material finishes, and color selection, as well as coordinate appointments for bathroom fittings and fixtures and appliances. We think through all the little details and how things will function, like which way doors will swing on the cabinets or the refrigerator. Our interior design process is how we guarantee your home is as tailored to you and your family as you want it to be, inside and out.


Tongue & Groove averages 108,900 man-hours per build from start to finish. Our highly skilled in-house team of project supervisors and carpenters allows for a seamless construction process that ultimately allows our clients to have peace of mind knowing that their dream home is in the right hands. Our clients can visit their site as frequently as they please. For convenience, we install numerous video cameras throughout the site that our clients have access to so they have the opportunity to check-in on the progress whenever they please. Through weekly reports and monthly drone footage, we ensure that communication with our clients is precise and constant.


A Lifelong Partnership

Once you begin living in your new T&G custom home, we provide a 30-day follow up, and a 1-year follow up. But that’s just the beginning. Our ongoing support and home maintenance services allow your new home to be effortless to maintain for years to come.

When you choose to have Tongue & Groove as your maintenance company, we cover all the bases to make sure your home is well-maintained and in pristine condition even when you’re out of town. We also take it a step further by providing a concierge package for our clients; imagine walking through the door to a completely stocked kitchen from beverages, to produce, and even a stocked pantry.

It doesn’t stop there; all your bathrooms will be stocked with hand soap and toiletries. We believe that it is of utmost importance to provide you and your family the ability to enjoy quality time in your new home rather than worrying about tasks such as stocking the kitchen and bathrooms. With a move-in ready home and ongoing home maintenance, we genuinely strive to build lifelong partnership.