The Bridges

North Carolina’s classic modernist architecture, grounded in the over-arching aesthetic that blurs the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces, has found a new home on a secluded lakeside buffered by the Intracoastal Waterway on North Carolina’s southeast coast.

The home’s design grew organically by the crossing of water, influenced by a nearby bridge linking the tree-lined property to the surrounding golf course. The design was also inspired by the Mid-Century architecture of Florida’s Golden Beach and the revival of the idioms associated with that movement.

Exploring the intersection of architecture and place and context and creativity, the project’s sensitivity to the surrounding environment is expressed with a proliferate use of natural elements — like stacked white stone facades and support columns — further smudging the edges between exterior and interior.

Water surrounds the home; a koi pond and trickling fountains create a soothing entry. Inside, expansive plate glass walls and windows welcome the outdoors. Full-length windows double as folding partition doors and when peeled back, open the living room to the lanai, and pool deck while simultaneously providing a bridge between indoor and outdoor living.

An open stair floats to a second floor catwalk that links north and south bedroom wings, and both contribute to the soaring volume of the interior spaces.